British Gas - Local Heroes

Nominee Name:
Mat Moakes

Nominee Position:
Head of Local Heroes at Centrica
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Local Heroes offers customers jobs completed in the home, booked within 30 seconds online and backed by a 12 month British Gas guarantee. The service provides customers with price estimates before jobs, has no call out charge, offers online payment and provides the best of both worlds – local service with national backing. The service also provides a new generation of tradespeople that want jobs, on their terms, with flexibility and without having to pay for leads.

What was the in-market status quo before the proposition was created?

The On Demand home services market before this proposition lacked a provider that offered customers an end-to-end digital experience with robust customer support and quality. The market was really limited to directory websites and lead generation sites who had no real ‘skin in the game’ to ensure that the service quality was high. Local Heroes offers that end-to-end journey that others haven’t dared to do. For tradespeople, there were many models which insisted on high membership fees and charges for leads that might not convert, Local Heroes offers a new way of engaging with the market and paying only for the jobs you complete

What challenges were you facing as a business?

British Gas faced a changing customer dynamic, with younger and more tech savvy customers that are less likely to consider monthly insurance packages and increasingly using propositions like Uber, JustEat and AirBnb to drive their expectations of a provider. The existing British Gas On Demand propositions were, in customers’ minds, being left behind and this was mirrored in our supply model. Our challenge was to create a proposition that had customer ‘pull’, was a future focussed model and could generate value through attracting new to brand customers.

What impact has the proposition had?

In 18 months Local Heroes has rolled out nationally, recruiting 5,000 tradespeople and following its TV launch in September is now undertaking 4,000 jobs per week. We’re on track to complete 30,000 jobs this year. Service quality has been world class with an NPS consistently in the 80s. For British Gas the proposition has also added 40,000 new to brand customers to the British Gas customer eco-system, customers that historically might not have even considered British Gas. For Centrica this provides a platform for growth and this Local Heroes platform will be used in new geographies to extend the reach of the businesses consumer propositions.


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