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AXA created its Management Liability Policy (MLP) in 2012, and in 2013 chose rradar as their partner to provide one of the key elements in the policy – first-class legal and advisory services.

The MLP now covers up to 60,000 businesses, who can access rradar’s 24/7 and unlimited risk management advice and business protection for Legal, HR, Claims and Regulatory Investigations.

rradarstation provides an AXA MLP policyholder an online portal that enables them to call and email our advisory teams directly for legally privileged support, access to our online library of fully customisable business templates and checklists to help manage/ minimise HR breaches and claims and - new for 2017 - download ‘rradargrace’, our virtual legal assistant app for quick, on the go business support.

‘rradargrace’ provides policyholders with a new access point into legal services and business support. Our app is a pioneering interactive voice-activated and responsive digital tool aimed at providing understandable business answers and support information on the go and directly to policyholders and employees mobile devices.

Using natural language and speech recognition rradargrace answers routine employment and HR queries. Powered by cutting-edge cognitive computing, combined with bespoke coding and content designed in-house by our technology, design and legal teams and in close partnership with tech giant IBM Watson.

Clients are encouraged to use rradargrace instead of taking pot luck and sifting through thousands of Google search results and deciding for themselves on the reliability and accuracy of those searches and websites.

She’s currently loaded with hundreds of questions and answers on HR and Employment Law, each written by highly-trained lawyers who have spent years working in their respective sectors.

Over time, she’ll learn to suggest related topics during conversation and will link to available rradar content including video, podcasts, virtual, augmented and mixed reality, gamification and education programmes, becoming a trusted and everyday practical tool for our clients. This in turn will allow rradarstation teams to concentrate on more interaction-heavy and complex advice-based queries.

There is no end to the uses to which rradargrace can be put; the Internet of Things opens up a vast landscape of integrated device solutions through which rradar’s legal services provision can be accessed. We’ve built rradargrace to be future-proof, versatile and almost endlessly adaptable.

What was the in-market status quo before the proposition was created?

We believe rradargrace is the future of legal service provision; radically transforming the way that legal services are accessed by our clients.

Prior to the development and introduction of rradarstation and in-particular rradargrace, clients were limiting their access to general legal support and guidance around the core 9am – 5pm business hours, and we were keenly aware that many businesses are often subject to regulatory or enforcement agency visits during any time of the day or night.

Many industries were also likely to be working on remote sites or in locations where easy access to a law firm’s offices was impractical.

Our research found that our rradarstation teams were encountering SME clients who were falling into the same regulatory traps and answering these common issues time and time again. rradar ethos is education, empowerment and anticipating problems, we knew that a new initiative was needed to overcome these problems.

So in 2017, our CEO Gary Gallen hit on the idea of embracing AI technology and using it to solve the problem and tackle the demand for these routinely asked queries. From then on, rradargrace started to become the product we know today. We realised that if we could come up with a solution where those common issues could be handled by AI we could create a new model of business advice, and giving greater capacity for the rradarstation teams to help those clients who had the more complex legal issues going on.

What challenges were you facing as a business?

rradar is a different kind of law firm, founded in 2012 and only in full operation since 2014. It was a big challenge to break into a market that has been dominated by traditional long-established law firms with budgets running into millions and thousands of staff.

Whilst many other law firms adopt the position that they become involved with a client after a crisis has already happened, rradar’s stance is that it’s far better to give the client the tools they need to avoid that crisis ever happening in the first place.

We had to start from scratch establishing a brand identity and putting our name out in the legal services market, developing our products and getting them in front of as many businesses as possible.

That’s why the partnership with AXA was so crucial to rradar’s success. AXA and rradar have a common goal – to reduce client claims and thereby increase loss ratios.

With clients unfamiliar with rradar’s service model, we knew that we had to ensure we connected with clients in as many ways as possible, going to them rather than making them come to us.

We’ve enhanced insurer and broker sales by adding hundreds of free, business-related legal guides, templates and documents to our policyholder online resource portal. a range of provision initiatives including podcasts, webinars, website-based resources and the development of rradargrace is the AI service within our portfolio, and our latest and ground-breaking development.

What impact has the proposition had?

Since rradar’s legal service package was included in AXA’s MLP, AXA and brokers have recorded increased policy sales annually.

rradar’s broker support services, include training and regular updates on MLP, business development and legal updates give national insurance brokers an advantage when selling the AXA MLP.

As revenue increases from raised MLP sales rradar’s financial position is particularly healthy. rradar’s turnover now stands at over £5million, a 695% increase on 2013 figures.

The central presence of rradarstation and rradargrace in the AXA MLP means that as sales continue to grow, the app will become accessible to even more businesses as time goes on. rradargrace continues to generate hundreds of business conversations between client and app, showing that this latest innovation, exclusive to MLP policyholders has been well-received.

The media coverage of rradargrace, her capabilities and potential has broadened the reach of rradar’s brand. In addition, recent trophy wins at both regional and national tech and legal awards recognise the degree to which rradar has become a significant and disruptive player to the more traditional legal services sector.

rradar is almost unique in having a dedicated team of IT specialists in-house, working on significant projects, designed to interact with and complement rradargrace. This has led to a situation where new ideas and initiatives are encouraged and fostered in a culture of innovation and disruptive developments.

We currently have just under 100 employees at three offices and client numbers are expected to exceed 60,000. There is additional recruitment and more office expansion underway with rradar looking at adding further rradarstations in Bolton, Bristol, London, Reading, Manchester and Newcastle. The firm is also launching products and services in Europe in 2018.

rradar’s reputation in the industry has become far better known. It has become the legal service provider of choice for an increasing number of SMEs and larger firms too, like Starbuck’s and Domino’s and our business crime and litigation legal teams continually work on many of the UK’s highest legal profile cases. In addition, rradar has secured 10-year exclusive global contracts to work with AXA and IBM, which is an industry first.

AXA has also reaped the benefits of embedding rradar’s legal services within its MLP. Premium growth for the AXA MLP has been achieved by 25% in the last year, and multiple broker book of works have switched to the MLP year on year. Ultimate loss ratios are recorded/estimated as follows:

2013 – 58%

2014 – 44%

2015 – 40%

2016 - 38%

Fewer claims against the policy leads to improved financial performance for our insurer partners.


Ed Hodson Ed Hodson

Rradar Grace - A 'purpose built' solution with ' a practical purpose'.

Russk Russk
2 days ago

Good idea and great for smes

David Lamping David Lamping
2 days ago

Clever concept very good design and optimal delivery

An innovative business with a great vision of the future of Legal services!

Chris Frame Chris Frame
2 days ago

rradargrace is a world-first pioneering tool to free your business from legal fear

Denise Dowen Denise Dowen
2 days ago

A fantastic business solution that puts the client first.

Helena Wiggins Helena Wiggins
5 days ago

If you ask Google for the answer to an important HR, employment, health and safety etc question then who knows what you'll turn up. Get it right first time. Just #askgrace A fantastic innovation in law.

Heather Brown Heather Brown
5 days ago

Fantastic work by a fantastic team!

James Barnett James Barnett
5 days ago

As one rradar team we know what service we would want and we make sure we give it ! Grace helps us push boundaries again and again #teamrradar

zain.zaman zain.zaman
6 days ago

Truly innovative.

sita.douglas sita.douglas
6 days ago

The world's first virtual assistant, introduced by a law firm.......that is a HUGE achievement. Excellent work.

phil.coates phil.coates
6 days ago

Excellent product