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    The Corporate Entrepreneur Awards celebrate and recognise those who aren’t afraid of bold thinking, bravery and a willingness to walk a path unnoticed. Innovation is delivered by people who choose to get out of their comfort zones, ask new questions and find new perspectives.

    We are the only event that not only recognises big business innovation but the individuals and teams behind it.

    Now in its ninth year, the CEA is a thriving community of corporate entrepreneurs who share and recognise what’s possible and what others can do. The awards provide a unique networking opportunity where peers can learn from other leading innovators across multiple sectors.

    Recognising the very best in corporate innovation, the awards are open for big businesses. Whether you are a FTSE 350 business or at the top of your game in the private sector in the UK or Europe.

    Entries for the CEA are now closed. However, if you, your team or another team in your business has created change, have a proven concept that has the potential to be game changing or created and launched a proposition to market request a ticket to join us at the Design Museum, London for drinks, food and a great party on the 22 November from 7pm - 10.30pm.

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