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    Digital Content Onboard (IFE)


    easyJet's vision is to offer our customers a tailored end-to-end experience throughout their entire booking & travel journey with us. The platform will be the continuation in each customer's digital experience of easyJet and will offer a brand and experience enhancing service whilst on board.

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    MachineMax maximises profitability of every machine in your construction fleet regardless of age, make or model. Zero Hassle Universal Telematics.

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    GoCompare.com Group plc

    weflip is an innovative switching service that automatically keeps households on cheap energy deals, forever. weflip’s ‘sign up once, save forever’ service automatically moves its customers onto better energy deals, removing the hassle that’s led to 54% of UK homes being on bad-value default tariffs.

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    Twisted London

    Jungle Creations

    Twisted London was launched in November 2017 as the first ever delivery only restaurant born from a Facebook page (Twisted). The menu features fun and delicious twists on traditional classics whilst also offering a ‘dirty vegan’ section.

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    Creative baggage solutions: Hands Free & AirPortr


    We know that dragging baggage to and through the airport, unpacking it at security and then rushing for locker space, can take all the fun out of travelling. With Hands Free and AirPortr simply hand us your baggage and we will take the hassle out of the airport experience.

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    SSE 1 Year Fix and Protect

    SSE plc

    An energy & home services bundle that gives customers more value by combining a 4.9% discount on energy and free SSE Heating Breakdown Cover for 12 months. Giving customers peace of mind that their energy price and their heating systems will be protected for 12 months. Total saving of £144 per year.

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    Xbox Adaptive Controller


    The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a wireless controller designed for gamers with limited mobility. We built it to empower gamers to play the games they want, with the people they want. We created an affordable, easy-to-set-up, and readily available input device for Xbox One and Windows 10.

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    Mobilleo is the first mobility service platform for businesses globally. Our smart mobility technology assesses any business journey globally and then presents you with all forms of available transport in one application which businesses can pay by card or invoice and manage mobility policies.

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    ProxymitySM is a digital platform connecting institutional investors directly with the listed companies they invest in allowing real-time voting at shareholder meetings. We take the complexity out of the current intermediary chain allowing direct interaction between companies and their shareholders.

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    Norfolk County Council | Hethel Innovation

    The Breakthrough program will drive cross-sector innovation across Norfolk and Suffolk through our digital platforms, training, and events that promote productivity, innovation, and competitiveness, ultimately growing the knowledge economy.

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    Professional Portfolio Manager

    Standard Life

    Professional Portfolio Manager is new segregated platform portfolio technology specifically designed to support advisory centralised investment proposition management. Designed to avoid conflicts between financial planning decisions and investment decisions. The service supports Wrap advisers to scale their business and helps clients to maximise their wealth.

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    Waitrose Rapid Delivery

    John Lewis & Partners

    Waitrose Rapid Delivery - Choose up to 20 items from a range of over 1500 Waitrose products and get them delivered to your door in as little as 2 hours.

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    first direct

    artha is a collaboration proposition between first direct bank and fintech company, Bud and is for young high earners who lack confidence with savings & investments. We want to make it the simplest, smartest way to feel good about finances.

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    V-Home by Vodafone


    V Home is a new home safety monitoring product, a starter kit to give you everything you need to keep you home safe and secure. Protecting your home has never been easier, wherever you are.

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    Davies Connect

    Davies Group

    Davies Connect allows customers to track their insurance claim digitally. It helps customers take back control and feel reassured, at a time when their homes are turned upside down by unexpected leaks or flooding. They always know what is happening with their claim and how we are helping them.

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    PreZero (GreenCycle GmbH)

    PreZero is a digital platform that enables businesses to quickly, easily, and cost effectively manage their waste disposal needs. Due to a lack of digitalization and lack of transparency in the waste disposal market, end customers often find it difficult to determine their needs correctly.

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    SSE Smart 1 Year Fixed

    SSE plc

    An energy tariff that rewards customers for signing up to a Smart Meter with a £50 energy credit at the end of their 1 year fixed term. This will help customers to access the benefits of a smart meter and will also reward them with fixed price for 12 months and an energy credit (no exit fees).

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    Danone AYEM


    AYEM is a ready to enjoy, healthy breakfast protein pot full of the stuff your body and mind loves (protein and Omega 3 DHA). It’s about doing something good for yourself every day, so you can leap out of bed and dance to work – or just get that morning feel-good factor, which makes your day.

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    While You're Away

    Waitrose & Partners

    Waitrose groceries delivered while you’re out. Using smart lock technology, While You’re Away customers are able to grant access to a Waitrose driver who delivers their groceries into the fridge or onto the kitchen counter, leaves and securely locks the door, all while the customer is out.

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    Shell Accuport


    Accuport is creating a predictive supply chain for the shipping industry. By tracking vessels and applying machine learning algorithms to create their 'digital twins', we are able to predict what oil supplies a ship will need and can then help ships optimise and streamline their procurement process.

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    Coca-Cola & Merlin Entertainments Reverse Vending Machines


    In 2018 Coca-Cola & Merlin Entertainments joined forces to encourage consumers to recycle more bottles by instantly rewarding with 50% off entry tickets to top UK attractions.Merlin’s top attractions were installed with our first-ever reverse vending machines to encourage the recycling of any bottle.

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    AML Insights


    AML Insights maps the path of stolen funds across payment systems and uncovers money laundering networks. A world-first, it overlays payment data with AI and machine learning to: 1) flag accounts involved in moving and extracting illicit funds, and; 2) light up mule networks hidden and operating within the system.

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    Barclaycard Dine & Dash


    Dine & Dash – a brand new payment concept for restaurants that allows diners to simply 'walk out' at the end of their meals. No codes, no waiting around, just Tap. Eat. Go.

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    AIB Brexit Ready Check


    The AIB Brexit Ready Check is a digital planning tool that enables Customers to get a risk assessment of the potential impact of Brexit on their business, in less than 5 minutes.

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    ID-Er & DronePay


    ID-Er is a technology that allows contactless payment card "consumer present" technology to be used as a strong proof of identity for accepting deliveries. Proof of identity can be offered as a contactless card, a mobile payment app, or in the form of a drone landing pad for automated deliveries.

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    NatWest Digital Human Employees


    NatWest has tested AI-powered ‘digital human’ employees to answer customer queries and provide staff with training. Drawing on advances in neuroscience, psychology, computing power and AI, these highly life-like avatars permit a two-way verbal conversation via computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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    Flexible Personalised Insurance (FPI)


    FPI taps into Internet of Things (IoT) trip data and uses Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), or blockchain, along with insurance business information, to redefine claims management, customer engagement and risk management capabilities for the motor insurance industry, by providing a simultaneous, single immutable version of the ‘truth’ which is used by all of the organisations involved in servicing the customer’s needs.

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    Green Mortgages


    Green Mortgages allows movers, first time buyers, and re-mortgagers to borrow via a linked ‘energy efficiency home improvement loan’ to improve the energy efficiency of their home and unlock an interest rate discount on their mortgage product.

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    A digital platform where leisure boaters can find the best satellite communications solution for their vessel. Consumers can access clear and simple information about satellite communications, receive and compare tailored offers from trusted suppliers. We ultimately help consumers stay connected at sea.

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    The Cup Recycling Revolution

    Costa Coffee

    The Cup Recycling Revolution is an innovative environmental proposition to facilitate the collection, processing and recycling of disposable coffee cups, becoming cup neutral by the end of 2020.

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    Audi on demand

    Audi UK

    Audi on demand is the latest idea from the Vorsprung durch Technik (Advancement through Technology) brand. This premium mobility service offers an innovative, flexible way for customers, new and existing, to access the Audi product range. It recognises a major change in consumer behaviour, towards a more non-committal, pay-per-use and on-demand economy.

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    Roam Travel Insurance

    Thomas Cook Money

    Roam is the better way to do travel insurance; smoother, more efficient and intuitive. It puts the customer back in control; empowering them to toggle the levels of insurance cover to match what essentials they really need, while still providing extremely competitive cover across all other features.

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    Catch is a new platform for value-oriented millennials offering the hottest, coolest products through a fresh, inspiration-focused browse experience. In addition to traditional product categories such as Fashion and Tech, Catch brings to users an experience of thematic product “worlds”, allowing them to shop the way they live – whether it be Wanderlust for the avid traveler, or Pink Wall for one who is excited by anything in the pastel hue.

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    M&S Energy


    In 2018 M&S launched a transformative partnership with renowned industry disruptor Octopus Energy. The combination of M&S’ unique brand reputation amongst consumers with Octopuses’ digital expertise and focus on green energy has created a customer proposition to challenge traditional suppliers.

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