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    The Dare to Defy Award

    Delivering differently; with a new approach

    This award is to celebrate those who found a way to challenge harder, work faster and achieve more. It is for those who dare to take a new path and throw out the rule book to achieve their objective.

    Enter if:

    • You have championed a new approach to innovation within your organisation

    The Rising Star Award

    A proven concept; with the potential to make a significant impact

    You’re not afraid to branch out and have a proven concept that’s ready to launch, and set to be groundbreaking. You know what you want to achieve and more importantly have taken on the challenge to make it a reality.

    Enter if:

    • You have a proven concept or proposition that is due to launch within the next 12 months
    • Your proposition is focussed on having a big impact on your customers and shaking up your industry.
    • You have spotted a gap in the market or a new customer need and you’re ready to meet it

    The Excellence in Innovation Award

    Redefining a space; and launching with impact

    For those who had the courage to deliver something truly unique and forge a better way. This award is for those who have turned a big idea into a true gamechanger.

    Enter if:

    • You have developed a new proposition that is revolutionary to your industry or marketplace
    • Your proposition has been launched to market within the last 18 months
    • Your proposition has had a proven and significant impact on your marketplace, business and / or customers

    The Fellowship Award

    Celebrating those around us; who did it differently

    Shining a light on other’s success is just as important as celebrating our own. It’s good to be around those that ‘get it’, those, who in their own way believe in the power and impact of collaboration, just like you do.

    Voted for by you

    You know the amount of hard work needed to make a change, to do something new and to launch an impactful proposition. The Fellowship Award is voted for by you and our CEA community.