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    Who can enter the CEA?

    Recognising the very best new propositions, the awards are open for big businesses. Whether you are a FTSE 350 business or at the top of your game in the private sector in the UK or Europe. The awards are open to industry personnel only - not third party agencies or consultancies.

    What are the award categories?

    You can read about the award categories here.

    What is the judging process?

    All CEA entries will be judged against a criteria around the key characteristics and core components of innovation including differentiation, customer focus and impact. Find out more about the award categories and their entry criteria here.

    How can I contact the CEA organisers?

    Use the contact us form

    Email brand@marketgravity.com

    Call the Market Gravity team on +44 (0)207 928 3731

    What is a proposition?

    A proposition is a new, physical or digital (or both) product, service, customer experience, store, new venture or new business.

    A potential winning proposition shows that it meets a real customer need, is unique and has demonstrable impact. All propositions that enter the CEA need to have been delivered to market in the UK.

    What’s the judging criteria?

    Propositions are judged on three areas:

    Customer focus: The proposition needs to address a clear customer need, provide a great customer experience, and clearly consider the end to end customer experience.

    Differentiation: The proposition has features and benefits that are unique and innovative, and have stand out in the market.

    Impact: The proposition has had a large customer, industry or commercial impact on the business.

    How much does it cost to enter the CEA?

    It’s free to enter the CEA.

    How much does it cost to attend the awards party?

    It’s free to attend. The evening is on us.

    How do I enter the CEA 2019?

    We're excited you're interested in entering the CEA! We're busy finalising some details so entries aren't open quite yet. You can subscribe to stay updated - select SIGN UP at the bottom of the website and you'll receive the alerts.

    Who can attend the CEA party?

    Those individuals and teams that have had their CEA entry accepted are invited to attend the CEA awards party along with other corporate innovators and VIP guests.