Factors Affecting The Performance Of Solar Panels

Factors Affecting The Performance Of Solar Panels

Several factors can affect your system’s performance, whether you are installing a brand new solar panel in Saudi Arabia or have just finished upgrading your existing solar panels. This includes solar panels, the system configuration, and weather.

Location of sunlight 

The performance of solar panels is directly correlated to the intensity and location of sunlight. High temperatures and clouds block the sun’s rays, which can reduce your system’s output. However, cooler weather helps your system work more efficiently.

It should be oriented correctly

The most obvious way to improve the performance of a solar panel is to have it oriented correctly. Ideally, your panels should face south or at least in a direction that will receive the most sunlight. However, you may have other options, such as installing a battery bank or a solar inverter to boost your system’s output.

Type of panels

Another important factor is the type of panel you are installing. Generally, crystalline silicon cell-based modules tend to generate more electricity as temperatures drop. However, if the temperatures are extreme, the cells may get damaged, or the electrical field may be reduced.

The angle of the sun

Other factors include the sun’s angle, weather conditions, and even the angle of your roof. A fixed tilt system will give you the best angle for each season. However, if you use a flexible solar panel, you must adjust your tilt each time the weather changes.

Amount of sunlight reaches your panels

The most important factor is how much sunlight reaches your panels. When the sun is at its highest in the morning and it’s lowest in the evening, your panels maximize their potential. However, getting the best output when the sun is down can be challenging. On cloudy days, solar panels lose output due to reflection. To minimize the reflection of sunlight, consider textured surfaces, anti-reflection coatings, and other measures to block the reflection.

Quality of solar inverter

The quality of your solar inverter also impacts the performance of solar panels. A poor inverter can significantly affect your system’s output. It should be compatible with your type of panel and should not have excessive resistance that can decrease its efficiency.