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    Design Museum, London

    22 November 2018, 7pm-10.30pm

    KEY DATES 2018

    Nominations open
    26th Oct
    Nominations close
    31st Oct
    Fellowship Award voting opens
    5th Nov
    Judging event
    16th Nov
    Fellowship Award voting closes
    22nd Nov
    The CEA 2018 party @Design Museum London

    Challenge is constant and so is change. Companies succeed or they don’t. Customers come or they go. Innovation is not a right, or a guarantee. It is not created alone, and so it should be celebrated together.

    If you and your team, have answered a challenge that others have not. If you have created, and recreated. If you have taken a step back, and made a big leap forward, then you deserve to take a seat.

    The Corporate Entrepreneur Awards is an evening, like no other. A chance for you and your team to celebrate together. To meet others, who like you, have done more than many thought possible. To spend an evening at the Design Museum, London in the company of those who have made big ideas in big business a real reality.

    It’s great to recognise corporate innovation – no one else does it”

    What's New

    Have you heard of POLA?

    There's often a desire to have a 'wow' prototype, but sometimes, it’s better if something just works. Check out the Principle of Least Astonishment... something to keep in mind when you're creating a new proposition.

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    CEA2018 nominations are open!

    And we’ve introduced two new categories this year. If you, your team or another team in your business has created change, have a proven concept that has the potential to be game changing or created and launched a proposition to market, you could win a CEA.

    Take a look at this year’s categories

    New podcast: Next Generation Innovation

    Serving up a dose of inspiration with fresh perspectives and new ideas from the world of innovation and proposition design. This month's episode was recorded live at our Innovate Big breakfast in July on Next Generation Innovation.

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    Join our next Innovate Big breakfast event

    Join a thriving community of Corporate Entrepreneurs at our next breakfast event, designed to give new perspectives, new ideas and ways of doing things in corporate innovation.

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