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  • Entries for the CEA 2018 are open!

    Our first nominations are starting to come in. If you, your team or another team in your business has created change, have a proven concept that has the potential to be game changing or created and launched a proposition to market, you could win an award. Take a look at this year’s award categories. Entries close 26 October 2018.

    Barclaycard Dine & Dash


    Dine & Dash – a brand new payment concept for restaurants that allows diners to simply 'walk out' at the end of their meals. No codes, no waiting around, just Tap. Eat. Go.

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    Reed Talent Solutions

    'Consultancy+' - is a ‘gig economy’ marketplace which connects businesses to talented expert consultants. Consultants register on our innovative platform, and bid for our client’s consulting opportunities.

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    Direct Line Group

    PawSquad is a new service for Direct Line pet insurance customers that enables them to connect directly with vets for immediate pet advice 24/7, 365 days a year through video or chat.

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    SmartShop with Mobile Pay


    SmartShop with Mobile Pay is a UK supermarket first, allowing customers to scan their shopping in Sainsbury's using their phone, pay in the app using Apple Pay, and leave the store without even going to the checkouts.

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    Shell Accuport


    Accuport is creating a predictive supply chain for the shipping industry. By tracking vessels and applying machine learning algorithms to create their 'digital twins', we are able to predict what oil supplies a ship will need and can then help ships optimise and streamline their procurement process.

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    MachineMax maximises profitability of every machine in your construction fleet regardless of age, make or model. Zero Hassle Universal Telematics.

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    Connected Money


    Connected Money is an open banking inspired mobile app for HSBC UK customers that reinvents day to day banking for a new, digitally engaged generation. The app includes a range of simple, smart and supportive tools that help customers understand their money with HSBC, as well as other providers.

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