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    AIB Brexit Ready Check


    The AIB Brexit Ready Check is a digital planning tool that enables Customers to get a risk assessment of the potential impact of Brexit on their business, in less than 5 minutes.

    What customer problems did you set out to solve?

    Our research told us that well over half of Irish SME’s believe that Brexit will have a negative impact on their future business, yet just 6% of businesses here have a Brexit plan in place. We wanted to provide our customers with a quick and easy way to start their Brexit planning. The Brexit Ready Check provides customers with a tailored report offering practical advice on key aspects of their business potentially impacted by Brexit.

    What differentiates your proposition from other offerings in the market?

    The AIB Brexit Ready Check is the only one of its kind in the market place. No other Bank in Ireland offers this type of support. Other tools and services claim to enable SMEs to prepare for Brexit, none as quick and effortless as this. The AIB Brexit Ready Check is available for all SMEs no matter what sector or size, there’s no need for paperwork, meetings or phone calls as it can be completed in a matter of minutes. A tailored detailed Brexit Ready Report is issued immediately by email allowing customers to get working on their Brexit plan straight away.

    How have you proven that your concept has potential for impact?

    Since July 2017, AIB’s Brexit Sentiment Index has tracked SME business sentiment across the island of Ireland. Up to Q2 2018, 94% of Irish Businesses told us they don’t have a Brexit plan in place. Our customers are telling us that they don’t know what impact Brexit may have on their business and therefore they don’t know what to plan for. We’ve taken that uncertainty away by creating a way for SMEs to obtain meaningful advice that’s tailored to their business. During testing, customers found our tool easy to use and the advice easy to understand and put into action.

    Where do you see this proposition in 12 months time?

    As Brexit negotiations and discussions evolve our customers will face new challenges. Our AIB Brexit Ready Check is one key feature of our overall Brexit Support Proposition. As decisions are made post March 2019 we will continue to stay close to our customers to identify what additional challenges they have and develop suitable tools to help them meet those challenges.

    Find out more about AIB Brexit Ready Check here