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    BBVA Valora View


    BBVA Valora View Augmented Reality, Big Data and 2D heat map features, helps users to look for houses for rent or sale, discovering their characteristics (square meters, number of bedrooms, year of construction) an updated and accurate market price estimation, besides a mortgage simulator.

    What customer problems did you set out to solve?

    We set out to help users looking for a house to rent or buy.

    First, when you are walking on the street or visiting the area you like, thanks to Augmented Reality you can discover the main characteristics (surface, # of bedrooms, year of construction..) but also an updated and accurate market price estimation of any house by simply zooming your mobile´s camera.
    Later, when you are at home cracking the numbers its 2D heat map helps you to find the real estate offer of any area.
    The app combines these features with BBVA´s mortgage simulator and online form, just in case you need it.

    What differentiates your proposition from other offerings in the market?

    BBVA Valora View is the first Augmented reality banking app, completely free, available for BBVA customers but also for non-customers, that helps you to find your dreamt house for rent or buy.

    It allows you just by pointing with the mobile´s camera the main info of the house. Adding to this unique offer in the market, BBVA Valora View Big Data analysis, offers you the possibility to discover in real time an accurate and update market price that empowers the users to get the best possible deal.

    Besides all, the app allows users to save favourites houses, adding personal notes and pictures of them and share them through social media. All these features in a single app with a unique client-centric experience.

    What impact has the proposition had? For example - in the industry, on your customers or commercially within the business.

    Doubled conversion rates from online mortgages form to signatures of clients that use it vs ones that not.

    • #1 downloaded app during launch. 82% of users are non BBVA clients
    • Created a new SEM category improving BBVA marketing positioning and digital campaigns results
    • Fuels BBVA´s transformation to become a digital company that from data can contribute to improve and empower people.

    What’s next for your proposition?

    We are working on some ideas as i.e. allow owners to post their houses to rent or buy, add offers from real estate partners, add extra services real estate related, expand it to other markets.

    Find out more about BBVA Valora View here