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    British Gas Lite - Digital energy for business

    British Gas

    At Centrica we had a vision to design a completely new, digital service for small businesses. We took a new approach, building a completely new venture that allowed us to work in an entrepreneurial way, keeping customers at the heart of our design, delivering quickly and iterating as we learnt.

    What was your single biggest challenge in achieving them?

    Our single biggest challenge was enabling the agility to launch to market and learn quickly, and reimagine supplier processes to work for a digital exclusive service. Centrica Change and Control Frameworks, risk adversity and culture were challenged by British Gas Lite’s ambition.

    What did you do differently to overcome that challenge?

    Lite operates as a standalone challenger business within Centrica. We have a ring-fenced model, gaining the benefits of operating as a small entrepreneurial start up. At the same time we tap into the expertise of the wider Centrica business where necessary to support our growth.

    This gives us unique capability in the market. We have our own CRM (SaaS by ENSEK) covering our complete breadth of activity. Team members are tenacious, influencing stakeholders against the flow of waterfall and governance, to deliver ongoing iterative change at a pace rarely found in a large corporate utility.

    What were your most impactful outcomes?

    We started selling just 6 weeks after the first meeting with our system provider. Customer journeys have been delivered ‘just in time’; at launch Lite could sell, but couldn’t yet bill. As the first customers came up for renewal, offers were managed manually and the process was automated once we better understood customer need, and before we needed to renew at scale. Contact NPS is running at +28 and there are early signs from the first renewals that this customer satisfaction will lead to market-leading retention rates.

    In a sentence, what was the biggest learning you took away from this?

    Through being clear on what we set out to achieve and united in our team vision, we can overcome challenges and take others with us on the journey, to make a real difference to the b2b energy market.

    What will you do next?

    Our challenge will be keeping our fast pace, clear customer focus and strong team values of care, united and restless alive as our customer base grows.
    We’re continuing exponential growth and product extension; we’re working on ensuring we can grow our base whilst keeping our team lean and efficient.

    Find out more about British Gas Lite here