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    Business Mental Health Advantage


    Bupa Business Mental Health Advantage is a new mental health service that reimagines support and cover for mental health conditions for businesses and their employees. The service includes hassle free diagnostics, quick access to treatment and supportive tools that make mental health more accessible.

    What customer problems did you set out to solve?

    Claims for mental health treatment have doubled over the past decade, with one third of the UK workforce experiencing stress, anxiety or depression. As a result business leaders are faced with no clear way to provide first class mental health support to their employees. We set out to help customers, with a focus on businesses and their employees, provide better mental health support by:

    • Quick diagnoses to the right care and support
    • Most comprehensive cover which includes alcohol and drug abuse
    • Ongoing support, to help employees manage their condition
    • Providing wider support and treatment if conditions return

    What differentiates your proposition from other offerings in the market?

    Bupa Business Mental Health Advantage is a pioneering industry first service, it is the most extensive mental health service available. By focusing on customers, it solves the biggest challenges for both businesses and employees. It sets itself apart by removing the barriers for the right ongoing care and support where other providers focused on diagnoses and support.

    Features currently include:

    • Removing time limits – no time limits for cover and support for recurring conditions
    • All covered – Cover all mental health conditions and conditions relevant to employers
    • Ongoing support – help employees with support for monitoring and maintaining their conditions
    • No need for GP – Get diagnosed directly and access the right support
    • Online support – Access online cognitive behavioural therapy that makes mental health therapies more accessible for employees.

    What impact has the proposition had?

    • Over 1,600 businesses (97% B2B book) transitioned to the new proposition providing better support for their employees
    • More than 815,912 employees and their families now have better access to mental health support as a result from the launch
    • Anecdotal feedback includes "Bupa are back to being market leading" and “This cover is not only game changing, its life changing”

    “This is an excellent initiative that will benefit employers and employees in an area where NHS provision is lacking…” FT Adviser

    What’s next for your proposition?

    • An emerging trend is to do more for children and young adults. Focussing on this cohort will engage a broader demographic for greater inclusivity
    • Working with businesses and Young Minds charity partner to support the transition into the workplace more effectively
    • Extending the cover to our Consumer market.

    To read more about Business Mental Health Advantage go here.