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    Catch is a new platform for value-oriented millennials offering the hottest, coolest products through a fresh, inspiration-focused browse experience. In addition to traditional product categories such as Fashion and Tech, Catch brings to users an experience of thematic product “worlds”, allowing them to shop the way they live – whether it be Wanderlust for the avid traveler, or Pink Wall for one who is excited by anything in the pastel hue.

    What customer problems you set out to solve

    We, at eBay, have been the pioneers of ecommerce, and we as an industry have created great optionality for customers globally by providing them a wide variety of products online. Our younger customers today, however, desire tailored recommendations and inspiration, without sacrificing the depth and breadth of the inventory available. This is precisely why we built Catch.

    What differentiates your proposition from other offerings

    We launched Catch to fulfil our customers’ desire to discover new, hot products that liberate their fun side. The combination of Catch’s trend-spotting and data analysis allows our platform to create product worlds that serve value-oriented millennials the coolest and most relevant stuff, bringing the best of eBay’s vast inventory to the Catch experience.

    How have you proven that your concept has potential for impact

    Following an incredibly fast development phase, Catch has only begun to penetrate the market, starting with our beta launch in September. That said, we are already seeing our users engage with our platform in exciting ways. Not only are they finding exciting, fun products on our platform, but also discovering new topics and inspirations through Catch.

    Where you see your proposition in 12 months’ time

    We believe we are merely at the beginning of not only solving our users’ needs but also bringing them the next level of discovery and delight. Catch, by focusing wholly on our target users, will become a leading and rapidly growing destination for inspiration shopping

    Find more about eBay Catch here