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    FaceQuote is a 'SelfieApp', developed by Zurich. Designed for a new generation of consumers, it works by estimating a user’s age based on a selfie and then provides a life insurance quote. The App is comprised of only two steps, providing a quick & simple idea of what life insurance would cost.

    What customer problems did you set out to solve?

    One of the biggest barriers to consumers looking for and ultimately buying Life Insurance is that they don't like thinking or talking about Life Insurance (or death) and the vast majority believe that it’s too expensive.

    Zurich has developed an app that doesn't focus on the product itself, but instead is about engagement through gamification, which the app delivers in spades.

    Zurich sees friends, family and work colleagues alike sharing 'age guesstimates' which creates great social engagement whilst dispelling the myth that insurance is a luxury item.

    What differentiates your proposition from other offerings in the market?

    This proposition is truly unique in the UK market, driving high engagement with a young and digitally savvy audience where others have tried and failed. Not only is it simple and intuitive to use, it’s perfectly attuned to a social media hungry society that thrives on sharing information in a frictionless fashion. It means we’re able to drive awareness of a product and dispel any incorrect assumptions about price to a mass audience. We’ve managed to do this in a fun way, without using scaremongering tactics.

    We also managed to develop the app in just 2 weeks. We used the Mendix platform and Zurich’s own innovation foundry to hot house the idea and develop the concept- working with agility to secure our swift turnaround.

    What impact has the proposition had? For example - in the industry, on your customers or commercially within the business.

    Since launch in November 2017 FaceQuote has converted an exceptional 28% of all social media visitors into quotes. In numbers this equates to FaceQuote capturing 70000 selfies. When Zurich initially launched the app vol's were as high as 2500 selfies per day without any paid marketing activity, clearly demonstrating how positive the App has been in engaging users and to Zurich commercially.

    What’s next for your proposition?

    FaceQuote has allowed Zurich to prove the concept that consumers will engage with an app of this nature. The next phase will involve exploring how can we use this technology to simplify the entire application process using the same gamification methodology.

    Find out more about FaceQuote here