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    Anyone can order ice cold beer and have it delivered anywhere in Amsterdam, within 40 minutes. Users select drinks from a wide range of beverages in the Heineken assortment, add snacks if desired and share their location with a user friendly app. There’s also a pick-up service for empty crates.

    What customer problems did you set out to solve?

    Key benefits of HeinekenNOW include;

    - Customers have their beer delivered right where they need it, be it at home, or for example in a park (if that’s allowed)
    - Customers will never have a party where the beer runs out
    - Customers no longer have to pay premiums at night stores

    What differentiates your proposition from other offerings in the market?

    HeinekenNOW has a wider assortment than competition and is cheaper than competitive offerings as it only charges delivery costs. It also has the broadest scope by partnering with Deliveroo and Thuisbezorgd (home delivery) through a ‘shop-in-shop’ concept.

    What impact has the proposition had? For example - in the industry, on your customers or commercially within the business.

    The proposition has scaled to entire Amsterdam after pilots in separate neighborhoods, after positive reactions of the target audience and a sound commercial impact.

    What’s next for your proposition?

    Expansion to all of the Netherlands, potentially expansion of delivery times.

    Find out more about HeinekenNOW here