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    ID-Er & DronePay


    ID-Er is a technology that allows contactless payment card "consumer present" technology to be used as a strong proof of identity for accepting deliveries. Proof of identity can be offered as a contactless card, a mobile payment app, or in the form of a drone landing pad for automated deliveries.

    What customer problems did you set out to solve?

    Delivery fraud is a global problem with thousands of packages going missing every day without trace. Packages may be delivered to the wrong address, packages may be intercepted or recipients may falsely claim that a package never arrived. This is a problem that is already impacting many of Worldpay's online merchants.

    Worldpay's aim was to create a system for strong proof-of-delivery that is as trusted and reliable as the strong proof-of-payment technology that Worldpay is already known for.

    What differentiates your proposition from other offerings in the market?

    This system uses the already proven "customer present" contactless payment technology to also prove that a customer is present when a package is delivered.

    Worldpay created a payment card owner identity look-up system that can be put into a delivery operators’ mobile phone, or embedded into an automated delivery system such as a drone or pavement delivery bot. The payment card is scanned on the doorstep and the ID-Er system makes sure that the card is associated with the delivery.

    When a delivery is made by drone, contactless information is embedded directly into a drone landing pad. The drone will only release the package if the identity associated with the landing pad matches that of the intended recipient and a delivery fee can be taken.

    How have you proven that your concept has potential for impact?

    Although in the early stages, this project has generated a lot of attention from package delivery organisations and our online retailer customers. We have already been contacted by a number of organisations that are interested in piloting both the face-to-face delivery concept and the automated drone delivery version for live trails in various locations around the world.

    Where do you see this proposition in 12 months time?

    In the next 12 months, we see this project moving to a full proof of delivery platform that can be used by Worldpay's online merchants and delivery partners.

    Find out more about ID-Er & DronePay here