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    Manifesto Innovation Accelerator


    The Manifesto Innovation Accelerator (M.I.A.) is Danone’s innovation lab supporting a tribe of internal entrepreneurs to accelerate new business models. We take ideas all the way to market launch, in a test & learn mindset, inspired by startups.

    This initiative aims to capture additional profitable growth opportunities through the incubation of disruptive ideas and business models, looking across and beyond current product categories, sourced internally and externally. We are building startups inside the company and unleashing our people’s potential and talent, by giving them freedom to pursue personal intuitions from idea to market.
    We are also challenging and influencing the ways of working, by providing concrete examples of how agile start up mindset and tools can be applied and leveraged within a large organization. We have gathered a talented, fun, unconventional team, and have 1 start up in city launch and 5 more coming to market soon... and this is just the beginning!

    How have we achieved all this? Belief in human relationships, careful collaboration and lots of passion and enthusiasm.

    Find out more about Danone Manifesto Innovation Accelerator here