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    ofo bike sharing


    ofo is the world’s first station-free bike-sharing platform operated via online mobile application.

    What customer problems did you set out to solve?

    Public transportation in urban areas is constrained by the built environment around it, creating a challenge for urbanites around “the last mile of travel”. ofo's pioneering platform combines the twin concepts of the sharing economy and smart appliances to overcome this challenge.

    What differentiates your proposition from other offerings in the market?

    ofo has created a unique bicycle-sharing system that does not require “docking stations”, with the aim of maximising bicycle resources and saving public space in cities. The app makes it simple and accessible for anyone to use their service; flexible and dynamic public transport for the masses.

    What impact has the proposition had?

    ofo is a convenient, affordable and low-carbon way to travel, which is improving the urban transport environment by reducing traffic congestion, saving energy and promoting better living.

    What’s next for your proposition?

    ofo’s mission is to “unlock every corner of the world, making bicycles available for user anytime and anywhere’. In London, this is about engaging residents and making sure an ofo bike is within a short walk of every street corner.

    Find out more about ofo here.