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    ONYX InSight

    A Castrol and Romax Company

    ONYX InSight provides unbiased predictive analytics, underpinned by real-world engineering expertise, enabling clarity and better control for wind energy owners and operators in operations & maintenance decisions.

    What customer problems did you set out to solve?

    We have an ambition to support the wind energy industry to be a pathway to a low-carbon future. Our efforts are focused on supporting wind asset owners and operators to solve the primary customer challenge of efficiently operating and maintaining their assets. Wind asset operators face costly maintenance charges and with little warning before assets breakdown or ways to monitor their performance.

    We set out to provide customers with a way to plan their maintenance work well in advance , increase their asset availability and reduce the manual nature of servicing and inspections.

    What differentiates your proposition from other offerings in the market?

    ONYX Insight is unique, there is nothing in the market that provides this value proposition. Our strong data analytical capabilities are also underpinned by real-world engineering expertise inherited from our mother companies Castrol - industry leader in wind turbine lubrication and Romax Technology - industry leader in rotating machinery design. The ONYX value proposition covers the whole asset lifecycle and gives secure and full access to data, independent from equipment manufacturers.

    • Insight analytics – collects, monitors and analyses data in real time to predict faults and make tailored maintenance recommendations
    • Risk Mitigation – A technical risk assesment at every stage of the asset lifecycle-manufacturing, construction, commissioning, operation and life extension.
    • Failure Foresight - Deliver independent failure investigations that assess the root cause of the issue and how to resolve it.
    • Cost Forecasts - Developing independent long-term cost forecasts for onshore and offshore windfarms, to better manage your assets.

    What impact has the proposition had? For example - in the industry, on your customers or commercially within the business.

    Our products and services have a proven track record. We have reduced the cost of energy by 12% and increase asset availability by 2%. By using our solutions, customers have achieved savings of up to 30% on their maintenance costs and we have enabled them to extend their asset life by 25%. This has had the impact of increasing the asset life and supports customers to get a better Return of Investment (ROI). This has allowed wind farms to provide a competitive price for the energy it produces.

    What’s next for your proposition?

    At ONYX InSight we strive to develop better solutions for our customers. Innovation is in our DNA. Our future proposition will take predictive maintenance another step ahead of the competition by combining oil and vibration analysis for an even more precise picture of wind turbine asset health condition.

    To find out more about ONYX Insight, click here.