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    Shell Accuport


    Accuport is creating a predictive supply chain for the shipping industry. By tracking vessels and applying machine learning algorithms to create their 'digital twins', we are able to predict what oil supplies a ship will need and can then help ships optimise and streamline their procurement process.

    What customer problems did you set out to solve?

    The shipping industry has been under severe cost pressures over the past decade, ships are becoming more complex and shipping companies are having to use fewer, less experienced staff to get more done.

    This means that, in particularly in relation to lubricating oils (which are the third biggest spend for ships), customers are looking for low-touch procurement and transparent data to help them optimise their lubricant procurement.

    What differentiates your proposition from other offerings in the market?

    Accuport provides customers with advice and data visibility, allowing them to make smarter procurement decisions.

    Other oil suppliers still operate a traditional model for managing their supply chain and ordering process (typically email-based). They have been slow to embrace digital technologies.

    Accuport is a completely new proposition, which provides customers with proactive advice, reports and insights, and helps streamline the ordering process. No other marine lubricant supplier has ever attempted to apply design-thinking, data science and advanced software technologies to help make their customers lives easier and help them make more optimal procurement decisions.

    How have you proven that your concept has potential for impact?

    We currently have 500 vessels across 28 customers on the initial pilot (10% of Shell's customer base) and are also working closely with 10 of those customers to continue to iteratively develop the proposition. We have generated over $3M of new revenues for Shell's marine business (from nothing just 12 months ago), by using Accuport as a differentiator versus the competition.

    Where do you see this proposition in 12 months’ time?

    We will have built an externally facing digital platform (our MVP is that customers receive recommendations via email) and we will have used the Accuport technology to fundamentally re-invent Shell's marine business (a billion dollar company!).

    Find out more about Accuport here.