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    SmartShop with Mobile Pay


    SmartShop with Mobile Pay is a UK supermarket first, allowing customers to scan their shopping in Sainsbury's using their phone, pay in the app using Apple Pay, and leave the store without even going to the checkouts.

    What customer problems did you set out to solve?

    "Queuing". That's what customers told us when we asked "what's your biggest frustration with in-store shopping?". They explained that the checkout journey has a lot of friction, from unloading your shopping, repacking your bags, queuing, and the 'unexpected item in the packing area' error! We set out to solve that problem by providing a simple, quick and seamless checkout experience, allowing customers to by-pass the checkouts completely.

    What differentiates your proposition from other offerings in the market?

    We were a UK supermarket first, with no one else offering this type of innovative, seamless experience, which meant we had no blueprint to follow. We engaged with customers right from the very start of the project, and followed a lean, test and learn approach, failing fast and working with both colleagues and customers to validate our hypothesis. Based on this, and from our customer feedback, we’ve created a user centred proposition which makes customers lives easier.

    What impact has the proposition had?

    Since launch we've had a lot of positive coverage in the press, from the BBC, to RetailWeek and The Telegraph.

    We've also had a lot of positive feedback from customers and colleagues, with 100% saying that's it's faster and easier than the checkouts, 99% saying they'd use it again, and 98% satisfied/highly satisfied.

    Additionally, adoption has been much higher than expected with over 1000 transactions since launch, many of which are repeat, app downloads and sessions have increased significantly, app ratings have rocketed, and average basket size has increased.

    What’s next for your proposition?

    There’s lots on the way! Customers told us that the first thing they want is an Android version using Google Pay. Following that, they’d like us to look at how we can allow them to purchase age restricted products through the app without needing to interact with a colleague. On top of this we’re constantly releasing new versions with improvements to the overall experience.

    Check out MobilePay from Sainsbury's on the App Store or read about on BBC Tech news.