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    V-Home by Vodafone


    V Home is a new home safety monitoring product, a starter kit to give you everything you need to keep you home safe and secure. Protecting your home has never been easier, wherever you are.

    What customer problems did you set out to solve?

    Home is the most precious place on earth. But who can guarantee that home, family, pets or belongings are safe when we are not there – or even while we are sleeping? And home security solutions are expensive and it is not clear what to purchase with so much choice. Customers worry about the complexity of setting up and installing the devices. V Homes sets out to provide peace of mind for safety at home that gets you ready to go, in the simplest way. We want to transform family homes to make life safer, smarter and easier for everyone.

    What differentiates your proposition from other offerings in the market?

    Home security solutions are highly expensive and come with 2-3 year commitment. Also, most of them require professional installation. Despite 80% of families worrying about home security, only 10% own a security solution today.

    With V-Home, we are committed to lead the transformation of family lives using smart home solutions to make life safer, smarter and easier for everyone, making home security accessible for all. V-Home by Vodafone comes with a monthly plan that is created to give consumers extra peace of mind! The V-Home Services Plan includes an easy-to-use monitor to control your devices and to get app alerts, the 24/7 alarm assistant that contacts you and your trusted contacts in case of an emergency, video storage and included mobile data for Vodafone customers.

    How have you proven that your concept has potential for impact?

    We worked to understand the market for existing solutions and talked to consumers. Consumers are not clear about the benefits of this new technology, different brands and devices were like a puzzle! V-Home has received positive feedback, with an increase in NPS. So far, 7500 of the events detected by V-Home and have been escalated to the Alarm Assistant. We are meeting our customer promise, ensuring peace of mind and keeping them informed of events in their home.

    Where do you see this proposition in 12 months time?

    Launching V-Home is new markets making smart home a reality for everyone. We will keep expanding our range so consumers can tailor V-Home to their needs as well as exploring new professional services to enhance the proposition for customers.

    Find out more about V-Home by Vodafone here