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    Virtual Internships

    CRCC Asia Ltd

    We developed a remote internship program, that gives hands on experience with global companies from the comfort of your home, campus or anywhere with an internet connection.

    What customer problems did you set out to solve?

    We wanted to deliver meaningful, transformational work experiences that improve student’s skills and employability. Internships are often inaccessible to candidates, due to the costs and logistics of relocation, renting in a new city or paying for transport or for those with disabilities, who find it difficult to access in-office internships. With so much choice, candidates struggle to make the right decision and know how to access these opportunities. Virtual internships has been designed to open up opportunities to a wider audience and help them make the right future career decision.

    What differentiates your proposition from other offerings in the market?

    Virtual internships is a UK first, it is differentiated from other services in how it supports the students through their internship and beyond by providing:

    • Flexible to you - Fit work to suit your busy schedule, whether full time or part-time, domestic or international
    • Specific training - Benefit from our comprehensive key-skills training to help you hit the ground running
    • Learn & Improve - Continuous feedback and advice to help you throughout the experience and to get the career you want
    • The right internship - A holistic matching process of candidates to internship positions

    What impact has the proposition had?

    The proposition has had over 500 established host companies in 15 sectors sign up to be a part of it. Since launching we have achieved over 300 more applications each month, and increased our sales by 200%. The most rewarding aspect is the feedback from customers, who couldn’t have had the experience “Great coaching and couldn’t have got this experience without it being remote”.

    What’s next for your proposition?

    We aim to deliver 100 programs by end of April 2019 and increase that to 500 in the following year. Increased university funding will allow even more focus on candidates who are shut out of traditional work experience opportunities. Next steps will be bringing the program to low income communities internationally.

    Find out about the virtual internships here.