The 7 Elements Of Graphic Design, And How To Apply Them

The 7 Elements Of Graphic Design, And How To Apply Them

Graphic design involves using various elements to create an overall aesthetic appeal for a design. Each of these elements has its characteristic attributes and uses. The composition of the design determines the best use of each element. These characteristics help make the design appear to belong to a unified theme. Visit this site to choose the right design courses in Dubai.


The first of the fundamental elements of graphic design is a line. Lines have many different characteristics and can be horizontal, vertical, smooth, or curvy. They often direct the eye to a specific point in a composition. They can also be used to provide texture and a sense of unity.


The second element of graphic design is color. Color is one of the most important tools for provoking an emotional response. Each color is grouped into certain categories, which can help organize information. However, mixing and matching colors for a unique look is possible.


The third element of graphic design is space. This is an important design component because it can create an illusion, link objects together, and reduce noise. The proper use of space helps the viewer to appreciate the design as it was intended.


The fourth element of graphic design shape. Shapes come in many forms, from organic to geometric. These include squares, triangles, hexagons, ellipses, and more. These are often two-dimensional or three-dimensional. They can also be broken or continuous.


The fifth element of graphic design is typography. Typography is an important aspect of the design because it affects its overall mood and style. It can also convey the purpose of a piece of art or the feeling of a text. Choosing the right font is an important step in graphic design.


The sixth element of graphic design is value. In every design, value is present. This can be the lightness or darkness of a particular color. It can also be the amount of contrast between two colors. For example, blues are typically cool and calm, while reds are more passionate.

Focal point:

The final element of graphic design is the focal point. This can be a picture, illustration, button, or other visual. The focal point will be the subject the viewers will focus on most of the time.